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Here you will find answers to the most common questions our visitors ask. We want to make sure you get all the information you need to develop a better understanding of our products and services. Browse the questions below to quickly and easily find answers to your concerns. If your question is not included, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you. We look forward to helping you and improving your experience with us!

Whether you're jogging, weight training or doing yoga, the black waist trainer is ideal for your favorite workout. Heat builds up under the high-quality processed neoprene belt during sports, which increases calorie consumption and boosts fat burning. The Velcro closure allows the sweat belt to be individually adjusted to the body.

- Increased calorie and fat burning: Especially sweat belts help to lose weight, because they help to get rid of annoying belly fat. Due to the heat generated under the thick neoprene belt or latex, the body temperature increases, which leads to increased calorie and fat burning.
- Loss of water weight: due to the sweating effect of the Hot Sauna Belt, you lose a considerable amount of fluid, which drains the tissues. This alone can cause quite a bit of weight loss. A pleasant side effect is that toxins are also eliminated through sweat.
- Slimmer contours: the Waist-Trainer physically pushes the abdomen and waist into a slimmer shape.
- Better posture: The Waist Trainer supports the back and spine, which leads to an improvement in posture. Thus, it also protects against injuries, especially during weight training with heavy weights.

The sweat belt or latex waist trainer should be fastened over the abdomen during the workout. The duration of the workout does not matter. However, it is important to use the fitness tool regularly for several weeks. As mentioned above, you can place it directly on your skin or over your clothes.

It is recommended that the Waist Trainer is best worn every day for at least 8 hours to train the waist and achieve the desired look.

After a natural birth, you can start wearing the Waist Trainer after one week. However, please note that this product should not be used under any circumstances during pregnancy, as it tightens the abdomen.

Sweat belt is designed to help pregnant women support weakened abdominal tissues after childbirth. This belt for women offers good value for money and helps to quickly lose belly fat through sweating. Due to the elastic material, the abdominal belt fits perfectly to the body and does not constrict.

Both products aim to increase the flow of sweat during exercise, but they differ in material, comfort and intensity. The sweat belt made of elastic neoprene is especially comfortable for beginners and generates heat. The latex waist trainer offers a tighter fit and more intense compression to shape the waist and promote posture. Your choice depends on personal preferences and goals.

Our Karoxa Latex Waist Trainer is a real all-rounder. Karoxa corsets are made of high quality flexible latex material, which gives them both freedom of movement and high wearing comfort. They give you a 2-8 cm slimmer waist while providing a high level of comfort. They are designed to be worn under clothing and can even be used while working out. With their heat-retaining design, they stimulate fat burning in the waist area. The latex material provides comfort and optimal support. The corset is finished with flex boning so it is easily adjustable and supports good posture. The inside is made of soft and cozy cotton fabric, while the outer material is made of durable latex. Thanks to the hook closure, the Waist Trainer is adjustable in size.

The sweat belt or latex waist trainer is a great extra for the workout and can actually have a positive effect on the figure and weight if used regularly. As a support for losing weight around the belly, the belt is definitely a good investment to get a lot closer to your personal dream body.

Shapewear is a type of underwear that shapes and emphasizes your natural curves. It is also called firming underwear or modern corset for belly and waist.

With shapewear you achieve a slim and beautiful silhouette, improve your posture, tighten your stomach, lift your buttocks and smooth wrinkles. The result? No matter what you wear, it fits perfectly. There are different models of shapewear, such as bodysuits, panties and tights, from which you can choose to shape and emphasize certain areas of your body.

Definitely! No matter if you are tall, short, chubby, slim, big or small breasts. Shapewear can be worn by any person and each person will benefit from the smoothing, firming and tightening effect.

No, you should always choose your normal size. Shapewear should be comfortable, and you will achieve the best and most beautiful effect if you keep your size. A good rule of thumb is that if your shapewear leaves marks on your skin, it's too tight. I recommend you use our shapewear sizing chart as a guide.

For the Waist Trainers, we recommend ordering one size larger than the size you wear with your clothes, as the Waist Trainers run small. I recommend you measure your waist and use our Waist Trainer sizing chart as a guide.

No, you don't have to sleep in shapewear. Although our shapewear is so comfortable you could certainly do that, it can be healthy to give your body a break from the firming effects.

Please wash it in 30 degree water by hand, hang it in the shade to dry and avoid bleaching.

Yes, you can. In fact, many believe that the slight compression that shapewear provides can relieve menstrual cramps. However, it's a good idea to wear regular panties under your shapewear if you want to make sure there are no stains.

Unfortunately, we do not accept exchanges for shapewear and waist trainers. For hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for underwear, including shapewear. Please make sure you select the correct size and read our size guide carefully before placing your order. If you have any questions about sizing or the product, we are happy to help you with your selection.

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